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NBYI was Founded in 2018 in Kibera

New Beginnings Youth Initiative (NBYI) is an organization that was started with the aim of helping the vulnerable youth of Kibera, Kenya.

  • Members Security and Safety
  • Accountability and Patriotism
  • Equity, Equality and Accessibility
  • Professionalism and Mainstreaming Youth Issues
  • Teamwork and Team Spirit, Empowerment and Inclusion Among Youth
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New Beginnings Youth Initiative

Kibera Kenya

Kibera is a slum of great diversity, strong and resilient traditional tribes, culture and natural vasts, talents and hidden brilliant brains including artists, football players, upcoming young gospel/secular and also potential youth leaders. Its resident’s potential talents are largely unrealized and the benefits of the NGOS are not widely shared.
One challenge that the community faces characterized by under development, inequitable access to the development funds, resources and civil conflict.
Such circumstances increase vulnerability to the community. Women are key decision makers within the household but are not well represented at the political level, which has been the main cause of most of our youths due to parental guidance and proper education. Most youth end up in drug addiction due to idleness, early marriages and even child labour.
The most common humanitarian emergencies in the Kibera Slums are civil conflicts, floods caused by poor construction and sewage system, fire breakouts, due to poor wiring and communicable diseases.
The communicable diseases have been experienced due to the large population within the slums and also congestion of the high population. Natural events such as floods & poor sanitation which has led to communicable diseases, floods have occurred several times.


We're improving the lives of Kibera's youth


Providing safe and secure environments


Supporting our youth to allow their full potential


Helping to provide shelter to our youth